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10 Instagram Accounts for Lovers of Vintage Fashion

If you want to introduce extra vintage style and beauty into your life, these are the Instagram pages to follow

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the characteristics and glamour of vintage fashion. In the early 2000s I would watch black and white movies and flip through magazines to soak in as much vintage glamour as I could find. I had the 1946 movie 'Gilda', starring Rita Hayworth, on videotape and must have watched it more than fifty times. Today, there is such a vast amount of high quality vintage fashion content, available to view for free, online. Amongst the Instagram accounts below, you are sure to find content that satisfies your need for timeless style.

Rita Hayworth in 1946's 'Gilda'.
Gilda will always have a place in my heart. Rita Hayworth in 1946's 'Gilda'. (

1. @butchwaxvintage

This is probably my favourite vintage fashion account to follow on Instagram. Amanda Suter has an eye for the most striking vintage pieces, from across the 20th century, and models them so beautifully. The magenta shade of the 1930's dress (shown below) is gorgeous and, to me, 30's fashion is the pinnacle of style and glamour.

2. @xtabayvintage

Xtabay is a vintage clothing store, founded in 2001, who sell online and from their brick and mortar boutique in Portland, Oregon. Their Instagram page is worth following to see the exquisite new additions to their store. Many of the items are 1950's and 1960's dresses and they also sell vintage accessories.

3. @strawberrystarlette

Emilia (@strawberrystarlette) shares her classic and often colourful 1940's style. This account is perfect to follow if you'd like to incorporate 1940's style pieces into your wardrobe and need inspiration. She adheres her style to a particular era in a way that looks effortless, charming and upbeat.

4. @s.nova.vintage

Anastasiia Nova shares aesthetic images of her beautifully styled, vintage inspired looks. She has eclectic taste and draws inspiration from a range of eras and cultures.

5. @vintagefashionguild

This particularly informative vintage fashion account, run by the Vintage Fashion Guild, focuses on vintage and historical pieces. It's the perfect page to follow if you want to widen your knowledge of fashion while viewing beautiful gowns.

6. @la_coquette_parisienne

La Coquette Parisienne documents the height of French elegance and style throughout the centuries. A perfect Instagram follow for Francophiles and lovers of fashion alike.

7. @katestrasdin

An informative account, with a central focus on striking 19th and 20th century dresses, by fashion historian and senior lecturer at Falmouth University, Kate Strasdin. Strasdin has an interest in stitching and many of the posts include close-up images of embroidery and detailing.

8. @_ardenconroy_

An account with a focus on Gilded Age, Edwardian and Jazz Age fashion. As someone with a soft spot for 1920's style and movies I love to see flapper era dresses. It also amazes me to see them in colour. I've noticed that 1920's dresses were often vibrant and green was a strong trend at the time.

9. @thiswasfashion

An informative vintage fashion account, with a focus on glamour, by the author of the book 'This Was Hollywood', Carla Valderrama.

10. @ladame.vintagefashion

This account posts aesthetic and inspiring vintage fashion content in connection with the label 'La Dame'.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my choices: which image/account do you like the most? Also, what is your favourite vintage fashion era and do you recommend any particular vintage fashion Instagram accounts? Click on the Pinterest logo below if you want to see my vintage fashion boards. As always, thank you for viewing, Gina.

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