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Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024; An Exquisite Collection

Delicate, light reflecting materials, and a nighttime Italian castle setting, have made for a strong runway show.

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024 is my favourite resort collection of the season so far. Whilst the Channel and Gucci Resort '24 shows failed to inspire me, the latest Ferretti collection is mesmerizing, glamorous, true to the brand's DNA and current. Ongoing trends encompassed in the collection include #metallic materials, sequins, both minimalist and maximalist pieces, sheer fabrics and hoods. The earthy tones, including rich midnight blue, burnt orange and metallic silver, offer variety while maintaining a sense of cohesion.

When creating clothing for women, Ferretti beautifully combines femininity and strength, and she has stated that she doesn't see "femininity as a weakness."(, 2016)

The tailored metallic suits and the striking high glamour add a sense of female power. In terms of delicate materials, Ferretti has stated that “Women used to dress in a very masculine way. They were entering the workforce and [that] implied a certain style of clothing. I remember watching movies in the Sixties, with my mother, and seeing women in their lingerie, watching how they would move, and seeing how wonderful they would feel in their skin; then, they would dress, and the magic disappeared.” (, 2023) Ferretti counteracts this past by enriching her empowering and feminine collections with soft and billowing materials including satin, chiffon, lace and velvet.

The circumstances surrounding the runway show made it a statement of strength and perseverance; the show, set in the Italian city of Rimini, was organised before floods hit the area during the month of May. The setting features as a tribute to Ferretti's past as she grew up in the neighbouring town of Cattolica. The show also evoked the dreamy atmosphere portrayed on celluloid by the film director, and Rimini native, Federico Fellini. Held in front of a 15th century fortress called Castel Sismondo, which houses a Federico Fellini museum (, 2023) the show was elevated by the night time setting and haunting music. The sparkling, light reflecting metallics and hooded garments look ethereal in such a setting. I have previously written about the beauty and origin of the hooded dress, and a European castle is the ultimate backdrop for such a piece of clothing.

In terms of Twitter response, the Alberta Ferretti Resort '24 show has been extremely well received. It's hardly surprising considering that the elegant collection is cohesive with both glamourous evening wear and minimalist pieces. While I usually prefer rich colours to neutrals, I admire how the beige dresses (pictured below) have been elevated with a dark brush stroke design print.

Twitter post/tweet by @malbwgafsblog showing love for/success of the Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024 dresses.
Twitter Post/tweet by @Angebeast showing positive response/love for the Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024 Collection.

Twitter post/tweet by @lislopees1 showing love for the Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024 Collection

Twitter post/tweet by @jhealcj showing positive response to the Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024 collection.

Twitter post/tweet showing positive response for/love of the neutral tones in the Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024 Collection

A positive tweet/Twitter post about a perfect slip dress in the Alberta Ferretti collection.

With so many beautifully designed and crafted pieces in one collection, I've found it hard to choose my favourite looks. The ones that stand out to me the most, and that I would love to wear, are shown below:

Beautiful nude trench coat with black brush stroke print design.
This trench coat is a piece of art. (

A sheer nude light reflecting chiffon maxi dress with a black brush stroke print at the Alberta Ferretti Resort/Cruise 2024 show.
The light reflecting from this nude chiffon dress looks golden. The nude colour adds to the delicacy while the brush stroke print adds detail. (

A golden brown sequin/shining maxi dress at the Alberta Ferretti Resort/Cruise 2024 show.
This dress has a liquid shine and I love the unusual golden brown colour. (

A white shining/sequin tailored women's trouser suit at the Alberta Ferretti Resort/Cruise 2024 runway show.
Fully white clothing isn't usually my favourite, but I love the shine of this material. It reflects the light delicately and almost looks pearlescent. (

A women's tailored trouser suit made of midnight blue velvet at the Alberta Ferretti Resort 2024 show.
The sumptuous midnight blue velvet makes this trouser suit glamorous and feminine. (

A deep blue velvet and chiffon hooded dress with cut-outs at the bodice from the Alberta Ferretti Resort/Cruise 2024 collection.
I particularly love the vintage glamour of hooded dresses. This one is unusual due to the cut-out midsection. I love the way that the deep blue velvet hood is structured and wraps around the shoulders. Hooded dresses tend to be made using one material, but this one incorporates a number of light reflecting fabrics. (

A long liquid metal silver maxi dress at the Alberta Ferretti Resort/Cruise 2024 show.
The liquid metal silver and long length of this dress make it stunning. I also love how the material isn't overly tight fitting as it allows movement and extra detail in the reflection of the light. (

A golden brown sequin/shing hooded cloak at the Alberta Ferretti Resort/Cruise 2024 show.
The draping and full length of this hooded cloak look classically beautiful. I love the high shine and drama of this piece. (

A black shining maxi dress and silver liquid metal hooded cloak at the Alberta Ferretti Resort/Cruise 2024 show.
Both pieces in this look are outstanding. The liquid metal material of this hooded cloak falls beautifully. The black shining dress gives old Hollywood glamour and reminds me of certain dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe (including her dress at the 1962 Golden Globes). (

Th old Hollywood glamour of the light reflecting dress. Marilyn Monroe wearing a black sequin dress designed by Norman Norell at the Golden Globes in 1962.
Th old Hollywood glamour of the light reflecting dress. Marilyn Monroe wearing a black sequin dress designed by Norman Norell at the Golden Globes in 1962. (

Of course, the video below is worth watching as the light reflecting qualities and flowing movement of the materials aren't fully captured in still images. Please let me know, in the comments below, which are your favourite pieces/looks from the collection?

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