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My Picks of the Best PLT Spring Summer 2023 Fashion

I've been searching through PLT's current offerings for the stand out s/s pieces

Let's take a look at the best PLT spring summer 2023 fashion items. Stand out features of Pretty Little Thing's current clothing include bright, bold colours, #mermaidcore style ruffles and frills, bright #barbiecore pink, flower corsage details, puffed sleeves and skirts, #festivalwear, #doubledenim and 00's inspired style. The 00's influenced items include cargo trousers, skirts with asymmetric hemlines, belly chains, halter neck tops, pleated skirts and more. The items that stand out the most to me, and include options for women of different heights and sizes, are shared below:

Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments; which items do you like the most? I particularly love the red cold shoulder ruffle detail maxi dress and the pink flower corsage heels. Thank you for viewing, Gina.


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