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Capri Pants are Underrated

Emulate Brigitte Bardot with this classic and current trend

First popular in the 1950s and '60s, Capri pants add chic, vintage style to your wardrobe. Often referred to as pedal pushers, Capri pants tend to be tight fitting and sit above the ankle. For me, I associate them most strongly with 1950's images of Brigitte Bardot. Tight-fitting, figure revealing Capri pants were a staple of the French actress's style. At a time when the wearing of trousers by women was still in its early stages, Bardot chose to wear Capri pants that unapologetically embraced her feminine shape. This tied in with her bohemian reputation and artistic way of life. Other iconic women who wore Capri pants in the 1950s include Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Vintage/ 1950's image of Brigitte Bardot wearing a striped top, red Capri pants and red ballet flat shoes.
Bardot showing off her simple, yet chic, French style with a striped top, red Capri pants and red ballet flats. Image via

Vintage image of Brigitte Bardot wearing tight fitting Capri pants.
Brigitte Bardot often wore a waist cinching belt to further emphasise her figure. Image via

Capri pants were also particularly in style in the 1990s and 2000s. During this period, 50's style Capri pants were in fashion, as well as looser, sporty/cargo styles. While all of these styles are available today, I still prefer the high waisted, classic 1950's look.

This summer, the tight fitting cropped trouser look has made a comeback with celebrities including Alexa Chung and Gigi Hadid sporting the trend.

Alexa Chung wearing animal print Capri pants with a white shirt and black Miu Miu flats in July 2023.
Alexa Chung, in July 2023, wearing animal print Capri pants with a white shirt and black Miu Miu flats. Via

Below are a selection of my favourite high-waisted, tight fitting Capri pants, available right now, to help you channel Brigitte Bardot's classic 1950's style:

Let me know in the comments what you think of the style and who has worn them best. Thank you for reading, Gina.

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