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Emulate Jane Birkin's Style with these Standout Pieces

From bright red heels to the underappreciated cape; these items will enhance your wardrobe

Jane Birkin, the highly admired artist and style icon, sadly passed away on 16th July 2023. When considering her iconic fashion style during the 1960s and '70s, many images come to mind. Signatures include flared jeans, the basket bag, the black mini dress, the baby doll mini, knee high boots, short shorts and delicate white blouses. While she always looked camera ready, her style was underlined by a casual, bohemian quality. Also, she is famously the influence and inspiration behind the highly sought-after Hermès Birkin bag, which blends practicality with style.

The Hermès Birkin on display in a range of colours and styles.
The Hermès Birkin was introduced in 1984 and, according to Evening Standard, is reported to sell from £8,000 to £150,000 (, July 2023). (Image via

Of course, Jane Birkin will be remembered for much more than her fashion style. The English Francophile had a free, artistic spirit which she channelled into her film and musical projects. However, as demonstrated by Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, incorporating elements of Jane Birkin's classic style into your wardrobe is sure to make you look more stylish. For this post, I've chosen some of my favourite, and often overlooked, facets of her wardrobe:

1. The Metal-Look Dress

Jane Birkin posing on a beach in an ultra-short, metallic/chainmail mini dress in 1970.
Jane Birkin posing on a beach in an ultra-short, metallic mini dress in 1970. (Image via

2. Bright Red Heels

Jane Birking wearing red platform slingback shoes/heels with a black mini dress in 1973.
Jane Birkin was photographed wearing red shoes on numerous occasions, including ballet flats, peep toe heels and platforms. Here she is pictured wearing red platform slingbacks in 1973. (Image via

3. The Statement Gold Coin Necklace

Black and white picture of Jane Birkin in 1970 smiling with balloons, wearing a black mini dress, nude ballet flats and a statement gold coin necklace.
In 1970 Jane added a boho touch to her black mini dress and nude ballet flats with a statement gold coin necklace. (Image via

4. The Velvet Cape

Jane Birkin walking down a street and smiling in 1971 wearing short shorts, a light blouse, Mary Jane shoes and a velvet cape.
Jane Birkin in 1971 wearing short shorts, a light blouse, Mary Jane shoes and a velvet cape. (Image via

For me, the thing that stands out the most when looking at pictures of Jane Birkin is her smile. She radiated a positive, carefree energy and really seemed to embrace life. Please share your thoughts on this post in the comments. Also, which element of Jane Birkin's style is your favourite?

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