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The Best Summer 2023 Jewellery Buys

Ocean conservation, recycled materials and dreams of palm trees

Beautiful jewellery really uplifts my mood and boosts my confidence. It's something that you can potentially treasure forever, wear frequently and use to elevate a simple outfit. It's a challenge to think of other material objects that hold as much sentimental value. Jewellery can be a reminder of a memory, place or person who you love. With these thoughts in mind, I've chosen pieces that represent one of the happiest times of the year, the summer.

With 'The Little Mermaid' now in cinemas, and the current #mermaidcore trend, it seems like there's more ocean themed jewellery available than ever before. Wearing ocean themed jewellery can feel really uplifting and freeing. If you work in a hectic environment or in a concrete jungle it can be a reminder of relaxing shores. As someone who grew up in England, another of my favourite summer symbols is the palm tree as they seem exciting and exotic to me. They remind me of childhood trips to Spain and Florida.

Palm trees and blue summer skies.
Palm trees and blue summer skies. Image via

Whilst the uplifting qualities of jewellery can feel like a form of escapism, choosing jewellery comes with more serious considerations too. Many jewellery creators now take advantage of modern, thoughtful methods and use recycled materials. It can also feel very rewarding to choose options by companies who support ocean conservation and wildlife. Certain human behaviours including offshore oil drilling and the use of plastics are very damaging to sea life. Below, my selection includes a number of considerate summer 2023 jewellery options and a wide range of prices:

Let me know which shared items/summer themes you like the most in the comments below. Also, do you go for gold, silver, rose gold or a mix? Thank you for viewing, Gina.

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