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Maximalist or Minimalist- which fashion trend will you opt for this summer?

Will you be choosing a bold print or a white slip dress this summer?

As we head into summer 2023, two opposing trends are a focus within fashion. With the continuing popularity of 'dopamine dressing', bold, maximalist prints are an expected trend. However, with 1990's trends continuing to be an influence, minimalist fashion is still in focus. According to Avani Chhajlani, designers will be using "luxurious fabrics and intricate details to elevate their minimalist designs." (Fashion Trends of 2023,, March 2023) In the '90s, the minimalist trends of clean lines, simple design and muted tones were embraced as a contrast and escape from the flamboyance of 1980's design.

Kate Moss wearing a white John Galliano slip dress, which was given to her as a 21st birthday present by the designer himself,  in 1995.
Kate Moss wearing a white John Galliano slip dress, which was given to her as a 21st birthday present by the designer himself, in 1995. (

Whilst contemporary buyers value the uplifting qualities of maximalist fashion, within the current climate, an embracing of minimalist attire also makes perfect sense. Minimalist muted tones are calming and the simplicity is in stark contrast with the demands and oversaturation of modern life. In this sense, both maximalist and minimalist fashion can be seen as a form of mood-boosting escapism.

There is a definite elegance to the simplicity of minimalist pieces. There is also the benefit of being able to easily mix and match pieces within a minimalist wardrobe. Also, white is a colour option that offers brightness without being overly striking. However, whilst I understand the appeal of minimalist fashion, bright and bold maximalist pieces are very much my own personal preference. I love to wear beautiful, striking colours throughout the year. The only facet of minimalist style to make it into my wardrobe is black. I'm very pale and I'm sure a colour stylist would tell me to avoid black clothing but, like vibrant colours, I find it striking.

Bright colours are associated with summer because of their energising quality and I love the warmth of orange, pink and red for the season. Sunset ombré designs, like the two below, are a maximalist trend that you are likely to see this summer. (, April 2023)

Whether you prefer maximalist or minimalist summer fashion, I've included a selection of aesthetic options (including designer and more affordable choices) below:

Standout Maximalist Fashion

Standout Minimalist Fashion

Let me know in the comments if you opt for maximalist or minimalist fashion. Or, are you somewhere in between? Also, I'd love to know, which are your favourites of the styles/products I've included in this blog post? Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather, Gina.

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