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20 Standout Hair Accessories for Summer '23

These hair accessories are sure to add shine and colour to your day

I've compiled a list of hair accessory gems that are bound to catch glances and enhance your look. I've searched through all of my favourite accessory brands for the prettiest and boldest adornments to add to your collection. Vibrant summer colours, feminine flowers, Swarovski keepsakes, plush scrunchies and 90's era butterflies make for a varied list. With items ranging from cute Accessorize hair slides to meticulously handcrafted headbands, I've chosen striking items for all price ranges.

In the comments below, please let me know which of the hair accessories you like the most. If you could wear one of the headbands which would you choose and why? Also, are hair accessories something that you wear very often? and which style is your favourite? Thank you for viewing and I hope you are enjoying the summer, Gina.

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