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Turquoise Dreams; A Jewellery and Beauty Wish List

My choices of the prettiest, most vibrant turquoise jewellery and beauty products available right now

Ocean blue turquoise makes for a vibrant and uplifting summer colour. Turquoise is timeless, and the earliest examples of turquoise jewellery set back to pieces, found in Egyptian tombs, dating back to 3000BC. ( Turquoise has many positive associations. As well as the ocean, in the jewellery world, turquoise can also be associated with Tiffany & Co. as it shares a strong resemblance to 'Tiffany Blue'. It is also known as being the December birthstone, and it has long been associated with spirituality and positive emotions. As an important gemstone within ancient Egyptian, Aztec, Persian and Native American history, it has been associated with safety, balance, calmness, compassion and good fortune. ( According to SoulKu, the turquoise gemstone also inspires creativity and creative endeavours. (

Images of a boat on a turquoise sea/ocean.
Turquoise ocean image: Biletskiy Evgeniy/Getty Images via

Turquoise is a universally flattering shade and can subtly range in colour, from being very blue in hue to a greener turquoise shade. I've selected a range of jewellery and beauty items that highlight the beauty and vibrancy of turquoise. They range in price and demonstrate how beautifully this particular gemstone combines with gold, silver and both light and dark shades of skin.

Please let me know which item is your favourite in the comments below. Also, do you prefer turquoise with silver or with gold? Thank you for viewing, Gina.

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